Rosin Cannabis

Rosin Cannabis – Pure Med

Rosin Cannabis – Pure Med

The cannabis world is an industry with ever changing trend as far as innovation is concerned. Now and then new products as well as processes are being heard of; all aimed at providing consumers with a more enjoyable experience. One of the most popular changes in the cannabis milieu is the introduction of rosin cannabis which stands out to be an irrevocable method of obtaining high concentrate cannabis extract.

Discovered a few years ago, rosin is cost effective pure cannabis extract totally void of solvents and ideal for consumption with reduced risks. It is obtained via an extraction process whereby pressure and heat are made use of to press-out the sap from crude plant material. The crude generally used includes kief, hash or flower which results into a sappy and translucent product. The flavor, effects and yield of rosin is dependent on how well the process is being executed.

How to make rosin cannabis at home

The ordinary shopper can produce rosin at home with not more than a hair straightener, a filter bag, a pair of heat-resistant gloves, a collection tool and some parchment paper. Once all these are put on table, all needed is some pressure and heat to liquefy the terpenes and cannabinoids out of the plant matter.

After you have your gloves on, you will have to put in ground pieces of your plant material into the filter bag while the hair straightener gets hot. Next is coating the filter bag on both sides with some parchment paper and fitting it in between the two wings of your pre-heated straightener, then applying as much pressure on it as possible. This should be done over a bottle to collect the extract as it is progressively squeezed out.

 It should be noted that the greatest determinant to how effective your production will be is how much pressure put on the material: the more prominent the pressure applied, the better the outcome. Great pressure exertion will drive the fluid concentrate from the material, prompting a superior item. Heat control on its part is equally fundamental for inappropriate temperature rise will lead to the destruction of terpenes.

Peculiarities and effects of rosin

With regards to this new and energizing pattern in the weed world, there is by all accounts an almost no drawback! This technique is more than just a fabulous path for the less experienced clients to get into testing themselves in an almost risk-free way. Rosin is additionally an awesome answer for some clinical weed patients. The individuals who decide to pick up the restorative advantages from all the cannabinoids as opposed to simply CBD can look to this as a pathway. Additionally, it is void of byproducts and neither calls for smoking nor costly charges.

As far as hazardous impacts of rosin on health are concerned, quite some research was undertaken to find some. The most evident of them is that which results from the abuse of THC intake.  Some of these include short term effects like red eyes, anxiety, memory loss, slow reaction time and increased heart rate. Some reports state that the intake of rosin by youths could have long term negative effects on the brain leading to ailments like schizophrenia and cognitive disorders.

From all that has been so far said about rosin, it is obvious that its benefits largely outnumber its negative impacts. Cheap to produce with a guarantee of pure med void of solvents, rosin is a cannabis product which brings satisfaction to users of all kinds.

Recreational Dispensary

Recreational Dispensary – Cannabis Shop

Recreational Dispensary – Cannabis Shop

Having a certain degree of knowledge regarding cannabis is important for those who consume weed or know persons who consume it as it serves in understanding eventual effects even when it is considered merely as a recreational dispensary.

Cannabis is very often used illegally as medication within the U.S though a few states are legalizing it for restorative and recreational purposes. Originating from the hemp plant, the chemicals in it are found in almost all its parts: flowers, leaves, buds and roots. THC and CBD are the foremost well-known of these chemicals.

Numerous individuals who consume cannabis portray themselves as recreational clients to show that in spite of the fact that they utilize it, they are not dependent and do not have other issues related with the drug usage. It is thus derived that a recreational use of weed is simply the use of a psychoactive drug in a non-medical manner with the aim of obtaining induced effects for leisure. As such, recreational cannabis is simply cannabis consumed for time off benefits instead of medical benefits.

What makes a recreational dispensary?

The following characterize cannabis used for recreational proposes:

  • Occasional utilization and is not a standard manner of investing one’s time; appropriate time is accorded to other activities which are deemed more relevant.
  • The consumer is not under compulsion to use cannabis even when its benefits have been spoken off. The user makes use of their will to decide whether or not to consume it.
  • The consumer is content with taking just small amounts of cannabis as their aim is not to get wild high effects.
  • The intake of cannabis is purely for leisure purposes. It is not meant to aid the consumer overcome a hard day or get in shape to affront a new one. It is not used either for desired effects such as appetite boosting and stress relief.
  • The user does not spend considerable amounts of money just to obtain cannabis and will not willingly sacrifice essentials such as feeding in an attempt to purchase the drug.
  • Cannabis is not used in a manner which leads to long term effects on health.

Effects of consuming recreational cannabis

General side effects of consuming recreational cannabis

Common effects reported by cannabis consumers include:

  • Feeling of bliss and relaxation
  • Intensification in sense of sight, taste and hearing
  • Boosting appetite
  • Decrease in sense of coordination.
  • Loss of the notion of time
  • Anxiety and panic rise with some paranoia
  • Dizziness and trembling legs

Though it is possible for individuals to occasionally consume cannabis without being touched by any form of side effects, users should bear in mind that recreation purpose use of cannabis could eventually become problematic.

Cannabis can be detrimental in numerous ways: some of such effects can be felt almost right away while others come up over time. Regular consumption of cannabis affects short-term memory as well the ability to handle tedious tasks. These effects however may be more pronounced with stronger strains. This weed affects user’s ability to assimilate things as well as their reaction time to events. It exposes users to risky sexual conduct as they are not conscious of the actual reality of things.

It can be retained that more and more are those who purchase and consume cannabis for leisure purposes. Although such consumption is not expected to turn into undesirable effects, users should stay conscious of the possible signs and symptoms of disorders related to long-term cannabis intake.

Purple Punch Cannabis

Purple Punch Cannabis – Hybrid Strain

Purple Punch Cannabis – Hybrid Strain

Purple punch cannabis strain is a cannabis hybrid developed by crossing granddaddy purple and Larry OG.

Grandaddy Purple is a combination of purple urikleand Big bud. it remains high the levels between 17% and 27% and less than 1% CBD value. It is an Indian strain that is very easy to grow and it has an average size with larger dense flower yields. It is very resistant to multiple types of diseases, molds, and pests. Larry OG is a combination of SFV OVG and the famous OG Kush. this hybrid produces a relaxing effect that allows for focus and creativity. it has a high THC level of around 19% and CBD levels less than 1%. this plant which can easily be grown is a tall cannabis plant with large yields and resistant to common types of molds and mildew. these genetics from granddaddy purple and Larry OG were passed to purple punch, causing it to have large buds that are dense and have large budsthat are dense and have a frosty trichomes-commonly found in granddaddy purple. The original purple punch strain was claimed to be bred by the Hawaiian breeders at Sanova gardens. Though it is successfully grown by numerous world-class breeders around the world. Grandaddy Purple is one of the most potent flavourful Indians in the world.

Characteristics of the strain

Purple punch nugs are fluffy and bright with a neon tone to them accompanied by reddish pistils and to them accompanied by reddish pistils and amber trichomes. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid (30%) and 20% saliva that offers beneficial levels of focus and functioning. It offers a range of shades from purple to green, yellow and orange pistils.

Due to the genetics from both parents, purple punch is easy to grow. It is resistant to many diseases, pests, and molds. This strain grows best outdoors in a sunny environment, so if growing indoors, ensure that the plant receives enough light and a powerful heating system. For those growing outdoors, a Mediterranean climate is required to get the best out of this bud.

When grown under the right conditions, purple punch can produce a high yield of 21 ounces per plant during its seven-to-eight week flowering period. Purple punch produces dense and resin-coated buds with purple-hued leaves and bright orange pistil purple punch can grow over 1.5 meters in an outdoor setting with moderate to high yields. This plant grows consistently during both the vegetative and flower cycles. Purple punch can boast of a high THC value of 20% and also a1% CBD. Purple punch has a distinct smell that is very unmistakable; it gives out rich notes of sweet grape which is a descendant of granddaddy purple. It has a flavor profile of fruit punch, skittles, grape, and berry flavors just like the aroma.

Effects and uses of purple punch

The effect of purple punch is a combination of relaxing and functional. Despite its indica indication, the purple punch does not produce “couch locking” effects when taken in the proper dosage. The effects start with the head high, followed by deep relaxation easing into the body high. This cannabis will easily lift your spirits and you feel a floating sensation. The body effects of the high will help to balance things out with a heavy state of sedation. This weed can be used medically to quickly soothe both stress and depression. It can also easily treat bodily pains, headache, cramps, muscle spasms, or nearly any other ailment, insomnia inclusive.

When you smoke this weed it leaves you feeling relaxed, sleepy, happy, and Euphoric. It also leaves you focused and functional.

Purple punch does not cause mind race due to its indica background. It does not hamper your ability to do things correctly and can boost attention, mood, and the ability to get things done. The possible side effects of the purple punch may include; drowsiness and “couch-lock” when taken in a higher dose. To fully enjoy this weed, the recommended method of consumption is vaporization.

Purple haze hybrid

Purple Haze Hybrid Cannabis – Jimi Hendrix

Purple Haze Hybrid Cannabis – Jimi Hendrix

Purple haze all around
I do not know if I’m coming up or down
Purple haze, all in my brain, I am acting funny, but I don’t know why

In case you are wondering what those five lines are, they are extracts from a 1976 song by a late American  guitarist by name James Marshall Hendrix also known as “Jimi Hendrix“. Reading through those phrases above, it is natural that you question yourself on the “what” and “how” of purple haze. It is clear the artist was in the skies when he put down those words but no one really knows how high. With reference to the title purple haze, many say the purple haze strain hails from the great artist.

What is Purple Haze Hybrid – taste and appearance?

Purple haze hybrid is strain obtained cannabis. Numerous hybrid strains have so far being obtained by crossbreeding sativa and indica. From this it is easy to deduce that purple haze is an offspring of cannabis whose effects can be principally attributed to its sativa side.

Purple Haze Hybrid Plant – Sativa Hybrid

Its appellation being inspired by its appearance, you will easily notice its purple hair cloud serving as coating around the nugs. Purple haze has very imposing spade-like flowers with a wide base and pointed end. Other than its color, another interesting characteristic of purple haze is its appealing taste with a berry smell.

Consumption and biochemical composition of the hybrid

It comes in an effective remedy to consumers for diverse reasons. The most common of these are:

  • To remediate loss of appetite.
  • To eliminate worry or unease (anxiety)
  • To eliminate  sorrow or loneliness (depression)
  • To suppress pain or hurt
  • To suppress stomach uneasiness (nausea)
  • To remediate fatigue

Like any cannabis descendant, purple haze hybrid is composed of mainly two biochemical components responsible for its observed effects. These are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). While THC is a psycho booster and energizer, CBD on the other hand is a relaxer. The proportions of these two contained in purple haze generally range from 14 – 21% for THC and 0.4 – 1.5% for CBD. This clearly indicates that THC is the main compound contained in this hybrid strain of cannabis.

The medicinal benefits and side effects of purple haze intake

There are an increasing number of patients who suffer from grave mood swings ranging from excessive anxiety to uncontrollable levels of depression. As a sativa-leaning hybrid strain it contains a high quantity of THC, procures a long duration lifting psycho effect which relieves patients from their mood disorders.

The booster properties of THC once more are responsible for keeping the mind alert and thus relieving patients who suffer from constant heavy fatigue.

Though not scientifically proven, it is reported by some consumers that purple haze can be used as an inflammatory inhibitor. The most reported side effects of purple haze as in all sativa-leaning hybrids is reduction in saliva flow medically called xerostomia and the lack of tears in the eyes to properly act as lubricant. In order to remediate to the latter, you could use a warm water wet towel over the eye for approximately 5 minutes. The former on its own part can be controlled with a regular intake of water.

Purple Haze Hybrid Plant – Sativa Hybrid

Purple Haze Weed Plant – Sativa Hybrid

Purple Haze Weed Plant – Sativa Hybrid

The Purple Haze Weed Plant was made popular by the American rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter James “Jimi” Hendrix in his 1967 classic. This plant delivers a dreamy burst of euphoria. This drug is a strain of the plant sativa and so causes high energy cerebral stimulation. It stimulates creativity and blissful contentment. Its lineage is traced to be a cross between Haze and an unspecified purple flowering indica. It is highly potent and has a high concentration of crystals. This strain apparently originated from Colombia. It acquires its color during the flowering period when it is exposed to low temperatures.

Physical properties of Purple Haze Weed

This plant is a sativa-dominant hybrid (60%) and its THC 20% which is guaranteed to improve mood, making you feel extremely positive and happy for hours after getting high. Purple haze induces relaxation and boosts creativity. It is useful in treating depression, chronic stress, pain, and insomnia When planted in sunny Mediterranean climates, purple Haze produces higher yields hence outdoor cultivation is advisable. Outdoor growth yields approximately 14 ounces per plant. Meanwhile, when grown indoors, the plant takes 8-9 weeks to flower and yields about 19 ounces of weed per square meter.

The fragrance of purple Haze is sweet, tropical, and inviting. It has a sweet berry-candy aroma. It may also have an undertone of earthly spices and maybe a burst of grape. The aromas and flavors in this strain blend so well that even the smoke tastes sweet.

Purple haze buds are predominantly colored deep green with rich purple hues throughout.

Typically, they have long, medium, or large-sized flowers. They produce a thick layer of sticky sweet resin. Some can have purple hair or bright blue undertones.These purple strains are known to produce large amounts of terpene, myrcene, and THC.

It produces a purple color – anthocyanin pigment – which protects it from solar radiation. This purple color is also displayed when the plant is grown at a neutral pH. Acidic pH yields red pigments while basic pH yields blue pigment Purple Haze is generally easy to grow; it has a high yield and is resistant to pest and disease.

Effects and uses of the Weed

The effect of purple Haze is sativa inclined. Users may experience mild body buzz ie body warming which spreads from the head to the rest of the body. There is an intense sense of creative inspiration and blissful contentment. Due to these powerful effects, purple haze is useful in treating individuals suffering from depression, anxiety stress asthma Nausea post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) purple haze is suitable for use in social events as well.

Its side effects are quite similar to those of other cannabis weed strains. The most common of them are dry mouth and dry eyes. Other effects users may experience are anxiety, giddiness after consumption, dizziness, minor paranoia, and a minor headache

Under the right circumstances and with the right company purple haze can be used as an Aphrodite. This strain’s cerebral qualities can help those with attention deficit disorders to sustain focus on a single task.

Purple haze is awed strain whose popularity cannot be under looked and it is wise to know your limits before diving into its consumption.

Marijuana plant - what does it look like?

Marijuana Plant – Recreational and Medicinal

Marijuana Plant – Recreational and Medicinal

Also known as cannabis weed, herb, pot, grass, bud, ganja among other names, marijuana plant is a psychoactive drug from the marijuana plant primarily used for recreational and medicinal purposes. It is a greenish-gray mixture of dried flowers of cannabis sativa.

                Some people smoke marijuana in hand-rolled cigarettes called joints, in pipes, water pipes (bongs or in blunts-marijuana rolled in cigar wraps). When it is sold or consumed for medicinal purposes, marijuana can be used to brew tea mixed in food such as brownies and cookies or in candies. Sinsemilla isa stronger form of marijuana and it contains high doses of marijuana’s active ingredient. The main psychoactive drug component of cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is one among 433 known compounds in the plant. There are also 65 other cannabinoids in this plant including cannabidiol (CBD).

Species of Marijuana Plant

There are 3 subspecies of the marijuana plant: Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. Sativa and Indica are commonly cultivated due to their high yield. This plant originated from the Iranians who introduced it to the Assyrians, Thracians, and Dacians who burned cannabis to induce trance. Following his travels in North Africa and the Middle East French physician, Jacques-Joseph Moreau wrote in the psychological effects of cannabis used.

Marijuana plant: Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis

                At the beginning of the 19th century, cannabis was criminalized in various countries, mostly among the British colonies over concern on its effects on Indian workers. This plant was eventually legalized for medicinal and recreational purposes in 2018.

Effects and uses of the marijuana Plant

The effects of cannabis are both physical and mental which included euphoria, altered state of ming (psychoactivity) and sense of time, difficulty concentrating, impairment of short term memory, and body movement. It also induces relaxation and an increase in appetite. Its effects usually set in within minutes if smoked, and when eaten or cooked 30-60 minutes. These effects will last for two to six hours depending on the amount used.

                Anxiety delusions, hallucinations, panic, paranoia, and psychosis are some mental effects associated with high doses of consumption.

                Tachycardia, dyspnea, nausea, and behavioral problems in children whose mothers use marijuana are some of the physical effects associated with marijuana consumption.

                Short term side effects include dry mouth and red eyes, anxiety, panic, inability to think clearly, and increased risk of accidents. Long term adverse effects may include addiction, decreased mental ability, chronic coughing, and susceptibility to respiratory infections.

                When marijuana is smoked, THC, and other chemicals in the plant pass from the lungs into the bloodstream and then rapidly carried to the brain and the effects are felt almost immediately. Eating or drinking marijuana delivers less THC its active component into the bloodstream than smoking an equivalent amount of the plant. The reason why it takes longer to produce its effects and because of this, people tend to consume more THC than they originally intended to.

                Marijuana use disorder becomesan addiction when the person cannot stop using the drug even though it interferes with many aspects of their lives.

                The cannabis, CBD – cannabidiol- may be useful in reducing pain and inflammation, controlling epileptic seizures, and possibly even treating mental illness and addictions.

Consumption of Marijuana Plant

There are many ways of consuming cannabis/marijuana all of which require heating to decarboxylate THC in the plant. These methods include;

  • Smoking, which is the most common. This can be done using pipes, blunts, or joints.
  • Vapourizer, causing the active ingredient to evaporate without burning the plant material
  • Cannabis tea
  • Edibles, added in butter and baked goods
  • Capsules, containing cannabis and other dietary supplements

Growth of the plant

Growing cannabis is a skill developed over time. There are 7 major steps for individuals who want to grow cannabis either for commercial or personal use.

Marijuana plant - what does it look like?
  • Start by choosing a cannabis seed. This ranges from Indica’s, Sativas, Ruderalis, and a wide variety of hybrids.
  • Ensure you have marijuana fundamentals such as:
  • Light: 12 hours of light for a 24 hour period.
  • Growing medium: kind of soil and nutrients.
  • Air: fresh and moving
  • Water: adequate
  • Temperature: can survive both cold and heat but thrives well in sunny environments
  • Humidity

Blooming or flowering begins when the vegetative phage is over.

There is no set way to harvest marijuana. The buds are then dried up in a cool dark place. When dried, they are then loosely packed in a well-sealed glass jar.

Pineapple Express Weed Strain

Pineapple Express Weed Strain

Pineapple Express Weed Strain

Pineapple express weed strain is a descendant from the Hawaiian parent strain and Trainwreck: it thus combines their strong and flavorful strengths. This hard-high cross breed gives a long-lasting lively buzz ideal for fruitful evenings and imaginative get-away.

Pineapple Express is classified in fact as a well adjusted sativa prevailing crossover, with a proportion of 60% sativa and 40% indica. In spite of the fact that, this strain does pack in a very amazing parcel of indica hereditary qualities, its energizing, overwhelming however body desensitizing impacts are so distant from it.

Flavor and aroma of Pineapple Express Weed

Once you get that first puff of this celebrated pot, you know instantly that what you are noticing is something unique and distinctive, indeed on the off chance that you know what it is called. You fair got a sharp scent of something fruity and floral, transporting you into a visualization of being caught up within the tropics, lying some place on a shoreline in Hawaii, with all your cares and stresses dissolving one by one for small minute. Owing to the sweetness and luscious Pineapple Express weed’s smell, you are certain to be lured by this outlandish and inebriating reefer and need to have a taste.

Cultivation of Pineapple Express

In spite of the foggy promotion and conflicting detailed impacts, most cuts of Pineapple Express weed strain are sought-after cultivars famous for their feathery, incline blossoms that sparkle with a lime and yellow coloring. Buyers select Pineapple Express for a tropical, citrus smell that oozes from its regularly higher limonene substance.

Pineapple Express Weed Strain

This tall developing plant is an incredible indoor and outdoor plant, but regularly does better inside with controlled temperatures. In the event that you are growing it indoors, you ought to beyond any doubt to provide Pineapple Express parcels of space, as her branches tend to spread out wide. The yields of this strain are regularly tall and it is considered an auto-flowering strain. Anticipate your perfect harvest at around 7 to 8 weeks, in the event that you’re developing outside, mid-October.

Medical benefits of Pineapple Express and effects

Likely the foremost extreme therapeutic condition that Pineapple Express has been known to offer assistance with is depression. Due to its elevating and energizing nature, for those who are agonizing from a mental condition, particularly one that can be as weakening and fatigue-inducing as depression, Pineapple Express weed strain incorporates a way of getting its patients re-motivated and energized for going out and getting things done.

Owing to its potential to bring reflection and strong cerebral effects, you can anticipate a continuous all the way down to your body effects, which can fill right up with ecstatic unwinding. This cross breed really may be a quintessential adjust keeping its consumers inside the cheerful medium of a completely imaginative soul that is out and prepared to get involved in activities.

Notwithstanding of what goes on along with your intellect, Pineapple Express weed strain will be body numbing, making any pains rapidly fade away and simultaneously keeping the brain awake and concentrated. Pineapple Express can now and then take you off and as such us not ideal for a morning pre-work smoke. In case you wish that great green stuff to act as a small pick-me-up, Pineapple Express is precisely the pot you ought to turn to.

OG Kush Cannabis Strain - Indica dominant

OG Kush Cannabis strain Indica-Dominant

OG Kush Cannabis strain Indica-Dominant

OG kush Cannabis Strain is a hybrid plant originating from landrace plants found in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan, and North-Western India. This hybrid strain was developed by crossing a strain of cannabis from North California with a Hindu kush plant from Amsterdam. The Kush plant got its name from the Kush Mountain range where it was first grown.

The origin and chemical profile of OG Kush Weed

The origin of OGKush is highly disputed. Some belief it is a cross between staple chemdawg and a hardy Hindu Kush landrace. Others claim that OG kush emerged from undocumented bag seeds as a distinct phenotype of some other existing strain.

The meaning of ”OG” is among the many disputes concerning this plant. Some say “OG” stands fororiginal Gangster forits status as an old school block strain. Others say it stands for Ocean Growth referring to its inception along the coast of California. And another school of thought says OG stands for, a Canadian site which was shut down in 2006 by the police.

OG Kush Cannabis Strain - Indica dominant

The OG Kush plant has a unique terpene profile with a complex aroma of fuel (very dank and slightly citrus aroma), skunk, and spice. OG Kush is popularly known for its strong effects and distinct aroma and cannot be compared with other marijuana strains. This hybrid is made up of 75% indica and 25% Sativa. One thing which cannot be disputed is the fact that OG Kush is very potent. Its THC value has been measured to be between 20% and 25%. This 25% THC value is attained when grown indoors. Myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene are the dominant terpenes of the strain.

Growth and effects of OG Kush Cannabis

The plant looks bushy and has strong dense branches with large buds and with brilliant lime green coloring. OG Kush can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It takes about 55 days to flower when grown outdoors and harvested before the rains hit.When grown outdoors, OG Kush yields 16 ounces per plant.

When grown indoors, it takes about 8 weeks to flower and yields 17 ounces per square meter. Indoor growth tends to be more convenient for many as the plants are short and bushy. Coconut fibers are good for growing the plant indoors as they can support the plant and are excellent for retaining moisture. They are also environmentally friendly.

This plant can handle colder night time temperatures and grows better with low humidity levels while flowering.

Growing OG Kush is not easy. It is susceptible to pests, and sensitive to light and nutrient levels. Its buds are very dense and should be well supported. The buds look silvery in appearance and are sticky when touched.

The timing of the harvest is very important. If harvested too early, the potency of the weed will be highly curtailed and if harvested too late, the weed will have unwanted narcotic effects and an excessively strong taste.

Due to its hybrid nature, OG Kush has both indica and Sativa properties. It has both calming and energizing effects. OG Kush provides both a strong mental and physical high. Its physical effects are as powerful as its mental effects.It causes a sudden head-rush which may cause the user to feel more focused on their surrounding. This is helpful for those suffering from attention deficit disorders.

It may also cause sound and color to be more intense. This alteration of senses may soon pass and give way to uplifted moods and euphoria. This plant is versatile and follows the users’ mood and mindset. It can be used to enhance activities that involve both the body and the mindsuch as video games and exercises. OG Kush can be used medically as anxiety, and depression reliever, it increases appetite, and also to relieve pain symptoms. Other types of OG Kush are the Tahoe OG and Ghost OG.

OG Kush Cannabis Strain - Indica dominant

OG Kush Weed Strain – Indica Hybrid

OG Kush Weed Strain – Indica Hybrid

OG Kush weed strain is an indica-dominant cannabis hybrid. The inceptions of Kush Cannabis are from landrace plants mostly in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and North-Western India with the name originating from the Hindu Kush Mountain extend.

Physical aspects of OG Kush weed

OG Kush has average to large sized like buds that have a chunky, indica-like framework and yellowish green leaves. Dynamic orange pistils, intended to get dust from treating male plants, contrast these brilliant blossoms.

The buds are shrouded in trichomes that loan them a shimmering white appearance and make them clingy to the touch – when preparing buds for a joint or a channel, clients might need to utilize a processor. When appropriately restored, the buds have a natural, smelly fragrance that is highlighted by some citrusy brilliance: the general impression is of a hoppy specialty lager. Consuming or tearing open the buds offers all the more a pine-like scent. Smoke from OG Kush is usually cruel and hack initiating; it might sting the sinuses and cause eyes to water. The smoke tastes blazing like a great indica on outtake and intake of breathe. OG Kush’s sharp funk may wait for some time after a joint has been stifled – those hoping to stay cautious about their smoking should avoid potential risk.

Growing OG Kush seeds

Its seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors inside or outside. Its development outdoors requires a reliable temperature of about 24˚C. Indoor becoming will in general be more helpful for some, as plants are commonly short and shaggy, developing somewhere in the range of 2 and 3.5 feet tall. Beating – cutting the expansive fan leaves that develop towards the head of the plant – can help light and air arrive at blossoming hubs on the lower branches. This current strain’s sharpness likewise implies that those hoping to detach the smells of their develop space ought to put resources into measures like carbon air channels or fumes fans.

Consumption and effects of the strain

As a result of its somewhat invigorating and elevating impacts, OG Kush is a strain best appreciated in the daytime or early night. Its positive high can be thoroughly enjoyed cheerful social settings or alone, for accomplishing any grouping of tasks. It likewise has the hereditary security to back up its notoriety – OG Kush has been a structure square, yielding effective crossbreeds like Bubba Kush and furthermore presenting some unmistakable phenotypes that have become major strain in their own right, as Tahoe OG and Alpha OG.

The high from OG Kush is more psycho-centered than physical. It begins with an abrupt excitement that may lead clients to feel more centered around their environmental factors; sounds and hues may appear to be strengthened. This adjustment of the faculties may before long offer path to an overall elevate in state of mind that advances towards elation. The expansion in center isn’t as cerebral likewise with more unadulterated sativas – smokers won’t experience the ill effects of a bewildering feeling of quick idea affiliation. It’s an adaptable smoke that fits the client’s temperament and outlook. The mix of mental incitement and perking up makes this an exceptionally social strain, useful for parties and energetic discussions. It’s additionally an extraordinary method to upgrade exercises that include the body and brain, similar to video games, work out, and even sex. OG Kush has clinical application as a way to briefly assuage nervousness and melancholy by helping clients live at the time. Its feeling of center can likewise be useful for those experiencing consideration shortage issues. Some have detailed help from cerebral pains and headaches with this strain too. Likewise with numerous sativa assortments, OG Kush can possibly cause clients to feel suspicious with higher dosages.

Northern Lights Cannabis

Northern Lights Cannabis Strain

Northern Lights Cannabis Strain

When your brain and body are exhausted and long past due for some exceptional unwinding, the Northern Lights Cannabis Strain is here to make all the difference. This strain is an incredible one to kick back with at night because of its calming and elevating impacts. It has additionally been said to deliver a practically stimulating and flashing impact of one’s environmental factors, as though the borealis itself was carried directly to you.

Known in the past as CI #5 F1, Northern Lights is a winning Indica prevailing strain generally welcomed by growers, clinical patients and recreational shoppers and might be one of the most famous Indica strains ever. In dispensaries all through the West Coast and Colorado, this weed strain is readily available for both medical and leisure purposes.

Physical aspects of the Northern Lights

At the point where many seem to visualize Northern Lights cannabis strain in nature, they presumably envision the dream in some magical district like a Scandinavian ice shelf field. In view of this picture, it might appear to be fairly fitting that the fragrance of Northern Lights is woodsy and piney, feeling very suggestive of a forested environment.

Appearance-wise, Northern Lights buds are pretty thickly stuffed, with unmistakably shown sugar leaves that distend somewhat outwards. They are dim, olive green in shading, regularly with dashes of purple and blue going through.

In the event that you wish to enter the universe of northern backwoods, with Northern Lights’ gritty and pine smells, you certainly will. The taste is impactful with sweet hints, which will charm your taste buds. The fragrance and taste of this strain are novel and invigorating; it is similar to getting up promptly toward the beginning of the day in a coniferous backwoods. A sweet and candy-like flavor turns out to be amazingly clear, which makes for such a charming blend particularly for a smoke late around evening time.

Health benefits and effects of the Strain

This cannabis strain has a method of desensitizing down any negative thoughts and elevating the positive ones, which is to some degree why it is so compelling at therapies of this type. However, a little to average portion is the ideal choice when confronting this type of disorder, excessively enormous dosage may cause an increase in nervousness and stress.

Also, the absence of appetite and sleep splendidly find remedy with the Northern Lights Cannabis Strain. For individuals who are encountering a clinical disorder that is more on the physical side, a higher portion of Northern Lights cannabis may be more appropriate so its full impacts can be felt for the best alleviation.

Owing to its substantial indica hereditary qualities, Northern Lights in general does not call for paranoia unless the user is vulnerable to THC initiated attacks among others. If so, it is ideal to avoid any THC hefty strains or simply adhere to microdosing only.

This cannabis strain has fantastic and euphoric impacts attached to it, regularly sending users into a merry, adjusted reality, where they can be calmly loose and genuinely sluggish. Because of this full-bodied relaxation, instead of expending Northern Lights cannabis during the day, it is ideal to pick a sample of it once the sun runs down in order to really appreciate its strong indica characteristics.

Baring five mainstream phenotypes, all of which have been utilized by clinical patients, Northern Lights strain can be found in various dispensaries and legitimate pot looks around the U.S., and is promptly accessible for both clinical cardholders and recreational users.